Purple Sky Woman update

Since the last post, there have been lots of changes concerning my latest book: 1. New title! Purple Sky Woman. 2. Edits: A member of the Crow Nation, Sharon Peregoy, edited the Crow language in the book and checked it for cultural/historical accuracy. Sharon’s also a state rep and instructor at Little Big Horn College in Montana. 3. More Edits: Local author/editor/playwright S.A. Cranfill proofread the book, quoting grammar rules chapter and verse and challenging me to write simply and succinctly. 4. Cover: Am currently exploring options to create the cover. Many mock-ups have been made but we’re slowing dialing in to the right images. The book will be categorized as Sci-Fi/First Contact, so there must be a balance of, in the words of one cover designer, “elements of the natural world combined with elements of intrigue and otherliness without overtly saying ‘sci-fi’. . . . convey that with the sense of the period whilst bringing in the first-contact aspect of the book.” What a challenge! 5. Aiming for a May publication date. Stay tuned.