Sci-Fi Fashion

I’m crazy about historical costume, which is why I describe what my heroines wear (which are usually based on dresses I see online). For Purple Sky Woman, the heroine’s gowns are inspired by the early half of the 19th century. Except for her ballgown, which is based on a CUTE dress I bought off Etsy – a new/old stock 1970s, water-colored, pleated maxi dress with the tags still on. You know how you see something and it’s like, “That’s ME!” and you just gotta buy it even though you have absolutely nowhere to wear it to? And then it disappears and you’re bummed because that was the only one left in the universe and you won’t find another? And then a day later it reappears with a sale price? Yeah, it was like that. Click to see the photos . . .  

Purple Sky Woman update

Since the last post, there have been lots of changes concerning my latest book: 1. New title! Purple Sky Woman. 2. Edits: A member of the Crow Nation, Sharon Peregoy, edited the Crow language in the book and checked it for cultural/historical accuracy. Sharon’s also a state rep and instructor at Little Big Horn College in Montana. 3. More Edits: Local author/editor/playwright S.A. Cranfill proofread the book, quoting grammar rules chapter and verse and challenging me to write simply and succinctly. 4. Cover: Am currently exploring options to create the cover. Many mock-ups have been made but we’re slowing dialing in to the right images. The book will be categorized as Sci-Fi/First Contact, so there must be a balance of, in the words of one cover designer, “elements of the natural world combined with elements of intrigue and otherliness without overtly saying ‘sci-fi’. . . . convey that with the sense of the period whilst bringing in the first-contact aspect of the book.” What a challenge! 5. Aiming for a May publication date. Stay tuned.

New Book Complete (sort of)

The new book’s complete – well, the writing portion is, now that I finally finished bingeing on Longmire. Onto the editing phase. Well, more editing, because I’ve already been editing it. Have also started the book cover design which is always fun and frustrating. Aiming for an early 2017 release. Stay tuned.

New Book Update

Two more chapters to go and the first draft is complete. The story is turning out longer than I originally anticipated (coming up with a last minute exciting plot twist makes it even longer), which is great because I wanted to write a nice thick book that takes a few days to read. I did, however, edit out the section the cat (I was catsitting) typed. I probably would be done with the first draft by now if I hadn’t gotten addicted to Longmire. Marathon viewings really cramp one’s creativity, but it’s Longmire so it’s a worthy cramp.

New book in 2017

I’m nearly finished writing the first draft of my new novel (Historical Fantasy) and hope to have it published in early 2017. The photos in the above header give a glimpse into the world I’m writing about, which is Alberta, Canada in 1730. Did I mention the aliens? Yeah, there are aliens. This is the first time I’ve written a novel while listening to music. Normally I can’t write and listen at the same time but Immediate’s Nu Epiq Trailerhead became the theme music to it. It truly is epic.  

Little Bible Heroes

In addition to the Little Bible Heroes series I wrote for GoldQuill UK being animated (check out the LBH Facebook page), a new padded storybook of several books in the series will be available September 1st. The books are available on Amazon and at LifeWay Christian Bookstores.